Zhuhai Chaojian Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is located in the town of Gaolan Port Economic Zone of Zhuhai chemical industry park area, covering an area of 20 thousand square mete, a total investment of 70 million yuan, is a professional engaged in the production and sale of sulfuric acid and technology research and development as one of the large-scale chemical production enterprises, the main products are sulfuric acid reagent (G...


Super health Co., Ltd. has excellent staff, advanced production equipment, professional testing and inspection equipment and professional transport team, to create first-class quality products



The company has a professional team of technical personnel, to provide customers with all kinds of technical services guidance:

  • 1、sulfuric acid level choice: our products involve electroplating, batteries, photovoltaic, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries, accumulated rich user experience, can give customers more accurate suggestions
  • 2、storage tanks, pipes and pumping acid pump and other equipment selection: I have a very rich experience in the use of, to provide customers with better selection of materials
  • 3、storage tank design: our company has professional design and technical personnel, to provide customers with more reasonable design
  • 4、sulfuric acid test: our company has a professional inspection personnel, can provide more accurate product technical data
  • 5、the perfect transportation Kit: I hired the professional transport team, can promptly deliver the product to the customer
    • Company Addrees:Zhuhai City Gaolan Port Economic Zone Fine Chemical Zone South all the way on the 6th
    • Telephone:0756-7233246、8816332、8816302
    • Fax:0756-7233404

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